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Terms And Conditions For Merchant Agreement

6.01 Accounting control. (a) The Merchant agrees that the SPS and the Bank may, at their discretion, suspend the disbursement of the Merchant`s funds for a reasonable period of time necessary to investigate suspicious or unusual deposit activities. The SPS and the bank will endeavour, in good faith, to inform the trader immediately. SPS and the bank are not liable for any direct or indirect losses that the trader may attribute to the suspension of the payment of funds. (b) in the case of unusual transactions that have been "suspended" and cannot be verified as valid sales or that have been verified as cardholder disputes, the Merchant agrees that a security processing fee not exceeding 110% of the Unusual Transaction(s) may be collected; (c) The presentation of the trader`s excessive activities to SPS and the bank constitutes a violation of this Agreement and constitutes a ground for immediate termination of this Agreement. "excessive activity" means each period of two calendar months or more during which the merchant has a return rate of more than 1% in number of transactions or a refund rate greater than 1% per dollar volume. The Trader authorizes the Bank and spS to take, in the event of excessive activity, such additional measures as one of them deems necessary, including, but not limited to, the suspension of processing privileges, the increase of any fees charged to the Merchant and/or the establishment or maintenance of a reserve account in accordance with this Agreement. 6.02 forms. The merchant may only use forms or methods of transmission of sales plans and credits that have been provided or approved in advance by spS and the bank, and the merchant may not use any form provided by the bank and the SPS, except in the context of transactions carried out without the prior written consent of the SPS and the bank. 6.03 registrations.

In addition to all records that spS and the bank regularly provide under this Agreement, the Merchant shall keep a paper or electronic copy of all plans for the sale of paper, credit vouchers and the sale of debit cards and, in the case of an e-mail order, telephone order or pre-authorized order, the cardholder`s signed authorization for the transaction at least three years after the date; when the trader presents the transaction. Where the records and/or data of the SpS system related to the distributor are summoned by legal proceedings or otherwise, SPS shall establish such records in accordance with the subpoena without informing the merchant. 6.04 Requests for copies. Within three days of receiving a written or oral question from the bank and the SPS, the merchant must provide either the actual proposed sale, proof of credit and/or sale of paper debit cards, or a legible copy (comparable in size to the actual voucher or project) and all other supporting documents available to the trader and reasonably requested by the bank or SPS, to fulfil the bank`s legal obligations (including its obligations under the Fair Credit Billing Act). or otherwise to answer questions about cardholder accounts....