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Stm Agreement

Wiley supports the legitimate sharing of research papers. Researchers can freely share the final accepted version of word (or a similar version) of their articles, which is subject to the embargo period set out in the copyright transfer agreement (usually 12 months), on their websites and with students, colleagues, other professional working groups and their families and friends (this does not include the final version of the recording). Wiley also recently implemented content sharing technology that allows subscribers to share content with non-subscribers. It`s actually easy to share in a way that doesn`t infringe copyright. Our interest is to make science accessible while preserving the principles of copyright. The STM authorization guidelines are an agreement between stm signatory publishers that allows the free reuse of a small number of images and small amounts of text from a signatory publishing house in a magazine article or e-book published by another STM signature publisher. IOP Publishing (IOP) is a signatory to the guidelines. You can check if a publisher is a signatory and check out the full terms and conditions on their website. "Karger is open to further innovative agreements with unionized partners to increase the proportion of open access content worldwide," said Gabriella Karger, President and Editor-in-Chief. Contact with the authorization is necessary by writing to:

Important note: Thieme has removed many figures from the STM authorization agreement. These include all anatomical illustrations. A complete list of titles whose content is excluded from the STM agreement is available at the following address: the agreement will last three years, from 2021 to 2023. Participating institutions include University College London, University of Manchester, Durham University and others. All participating institutions have access to a dashboard to manage their account with detailed reporting functions. The agreement between Karger Publishing and the Swiss consortium is particularly gratifying, as the number of higher education institutions that have shown interest is sufficient for the first time in two years. In addition to the Universities of Basel and Lausanne, the University of Zurich and the University of the Svizzera Italiana in Lugano have also chosen this offer. Our publishing agreement with you requires that you obtain written permission to reproduce the content, in particular the image content, in your article, if such content is the property of a third party and is protected by that third party by copyright. .

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