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Small Cell Master License Agreement

San Francisco City Transportation Agency`s Presentation for License Agreement for Outdoor Distributed Antennas Last week, the City Council passed a draft master license agreement for wireless small cell facilities that will "streamline the process of adding next-generation (5G) wireless infrastructure to Bellevue." The move, it was said, was made possible thanks to the City`s collaboration with the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, several mobile operators and infrastructure providers. City of Oakley, Philips Lighting non-exclusive framework cooperation agreement city of South San Francisco Master License Agreement model for the installation of small wireless cells with fee schedule Mayor John Chelminiak said the city sees this step as "another decisive step towards a smarter high-tech city of the future." The adopted agreement lays the foundation for making the next wave of wireless technology available to our community. The terms of the framework include ten-year localization licenses and a fee of 270,$US per pole per year for small cells — that is, the maximum annual rent allowed under the FCC`s new rules. However, the framework found that if the FCC`s rules changed, the cost of each urban hub would rise to US$1,500 per year. City of Concord Master`s License Agreement for Wireless Installations on Urban Masts in Priority The City of Bellevue, Washington, is preparing with the introduction of a new 5G procedure to make it easier to use small cells. Model framework licence agreements for the installation of wireless installations to public assets, as approved by municipal councillors. Model for the master license agreement of the city of Modesto for the installation of wireless telecommunications devices. San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Model for Leasing Communication Sites Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Josh Marti said in a statement that it is "essential that government and business cooperate to ensure future economic growth and prosperity." . . .