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Special Land Use Lease Agreement

FORESHORE - a number of land bordering the waters; the part of a hill between the low sea line, usually at the edge of a terrace at low tide, and the upper limit of wave washing in case of flooding, usually characterized by a beach carp or berm. Leasing is a privilege that the crown grants to an individual, private organization, association or partnership to occupy and own every piece of land in the public/private domain (including improvement) to carry out an authorized activity, taking into account the rent or costs indicated. The rental period will be extended for a period of 25 years and for no more than 25 years the option will be the government. Provisional authorization - an authorization for temporary occupancy and the use of land covered by compulsory public application. A: This is a kind of lease application for public and heritage property, sold and disposable, which is available for agricultural purposes under existing legislation. Application of foreshore leasing - the method of application that covers the suburbs, marshlands and other riparian waters for commercial, industrial or other production than agriculture. Supreme Court decision (R.G. 133250, July 9, 2002) - stating that "deNR exercises the supervision and control of the public assets of the A-D" - and that DENR "also exercises exclusive responsibility for the management and disposition of all public jurisdictions." Different leasing application - the type of application that is either a combination of dry land (part of the coast), pre-country or permanent underwater land depending on restrictions that are certified by PPA, PEA (now PRA), DOT and DPWH. A: According to the 1973 and 1987 Constitutions, each person may not rent more than 500 hectares and community/association/partnership beyond 1000 hectares. 1.

Public farmland covered by Chapter VI (For Agricultural Purposes) (Section 4 [48] of Republic Act No. 8550 The Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998) b. AFFLUX OF INFORMAL COLONS IN THE REGIONS PERIURBAINES DENR TO EXERCISE EXCLUSIVE JURISDICTION OF THE MANAGEMENT - DISPOSITION OF ALL LANDS OF PUBLIC DOMAIN AND SHALL CONTINUE TO BE THE SOLE AGENCY RESPONSIBLE FOR CLASSIFICATION, SUB-CLASSIFICATION, SURVEYING (EXECUTIVE ORDER 192, JUNE 10, 1987) A: a.) Every Filipino citizen of legal age, if not of legal age, is the head of the family; b) Private organizations, associations or partnerships which, according to Philippine law, are at least sixty per cent (60%) The Committee on Economics and Policy of the Committee on Economics and Politics of the Committee on Economics and Politics of the DENR ACTIVITIES IN THE FORESHORE ZONES . - refers to the part of the bank that is covered and exposed alternately by low tide and flooding. (DENR Administrativesverordnung Nr. 2004-24, August 24, 2004) The regulatory competences of each agency via the foreshore zones has. Compliance by the tenant with the contractual conditions/authorizations granted. THE DIRECTOR OF THE FEDERAL STATES HAS DIRECT EXECUTIVE CONTROL OVER THE COLLECTION, CLASSIFICATION, LEASING, SALE OR ANY OTHER FORM OF CONCESSION OR DISPOSITION AND MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN LANDS....