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Share Pledge Agreement

[1] The holding of share certificates must be accompanied by an equivalent power to transfer shares executed by the borrower in order to achieve perfection through control. [2] Personal Property Security Act, RSO 1990, c P.10 [Ontario PPSA]. Category AD - I Banks cannot object to the RESIDENT borrower of the ECB because of the imposition of shares of the lending company, the ECB`s regulatory amendment, introduced by the RBI, circular 57 allows non-resident shareholders of Indian companies to recently use loans from Indian and foreign banks that use their stakes in Indian companies as collateral, subject to obtaining the No-Objection (NOC) certificate from the dealers (ADs) concerned. As a result, the RBI`s prior authorization requirement for the collateral of Indian shares held by non-residents is waived, provided the conditions are met. All major public and private banks, as well as multinational banks, which act as DL for DL transactions, can play the role of AD in the area of equity collateral. (i) the underlying ECB`s maturity is equal to the duration of the collateral of the shares it holds in the company, with the duration of the collateral of the shares it holds in the company, transfers 46,817,886 shares of the company to certain purchasers, including the pledges, in full satisfaction and execution of all obligations (including the obligation to repay the principal and accrued interest) in accordance with the incorporation of the 30. On May 27, 2014, by and under the Pledgor as issuer, Atalaya PIKco and Atalaya Luxco Topco as security provider, Citibank, N.A., London Branch, security officer and fiduciary, and high-level PIK obligations at 11.50%/13.25% of Pledgor 2020 (the "share transfer"). Secondary Execution Option - With a credit-sharing agreement, a lender gives a second option regarding the application of its security in the event of a default. Instead of trying to appoint a judicial administrator who has transferred the borrower`s general assets, assets and business in connection with the sale of GSA, the lender can claim its shares solely under the stock deposit contract and attempt to sell the shares.