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Patient Portal User Agreement

Access and use of patient portals for health services - you understand that the portal should only be used by people who wish to use the services and functions that the portal provides in relation to their health and well-being. You understand that all communication is done through the portal based on your own needs and your own health care. You understand that the issue of clinical advice on behalf of another person has the potential to cause injury or damage and is a violation of those business conditions that may lead to the end of your access to the portal. To this end, Health Services assumes no responsibility for health information or advice used by persons other than the user; the person who connects to the portal to access the health data. Authorization for use - All patients over the age of 18 who have received health care in the health services have the right to use the patient portal. Access to the portal is by single connection with the same login information (username and password) that allow you to access and stay active, unless you notify us that you want to opt out or that you have violated these Terms and Conditions that led to the termination of your access. Flow Health ("we" or "we") provides a personal medical record service (the "patient portal") as a service to patients (and their personal representatives) on behalf of physicians within our clinical network and other health care providers ("providers"). This user agreement of the patient portal (this "contract") applies to your use of the patient portal. By registering or approving an account or accessing or using the patient`s portal, you enter into this agreement and agree to be bound by its terms.

Please read this agreement carefully and do not log into an account or use the patient portal if you are unwilling or able to be bound by this agreement. The patient portal is made available on our website, whose use is governed by our terms of use and privacy policy. Please check everyone carefully. If the terms and conditions of this contract are inconsistent with the terms of use or confidentiality policy, the terms of this agreement are monitored. We, like your supplier, are subject to laws and regulations, including HIPAA, that govern the use and disclosure of certain personal and health information. We make your patient portal available to you on behalf of your provider as your provider`s Business Associate (as defined by HIPAA) for healthcare providers in accordance with our user agreement. Under this agreement, we are prohibited from using individually identifiable health information in a way that your provider cannot use. We are also required to take appropriate and proportionate measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of individual identifiable health information that we store and process on behalf of your suppliers.

To view our user agreement for health care providers, click here and check in particular our business commitments to providers who accept our user agreement for health care providers by reading sections 4 and 9 of this agreement. Acceptance and participation - It is important that you carefully read and understand all the terms and conditions below. You understand and accept that these Terms of Use are a legally binding agreement between you and Health Services. It must indicate the conditions under which you can access and use the portal, as well as all written and other documents that are displayed or made available through the portal, including, but not limited to: clinical documentation, medical records, article, text, photos and images (the "content").