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Loan Agreement Format In Bangla

8.3 No event of default has occurred under this Agreement or any other instrument to which the Borrower or any of its assets is linked or affected; 4.2 The Borrower may provide the Bank in writing with the Subscription Notification which will be provided to the Bank no later than ____ The model of the Subscription Notice, which is considered part of this Agreement and which is marked as Annex "A"; (i) announce to you that we only wish to draw the loan amount of Tk.1,07,30,000,00 (Taka one crore seven lac thirty thousand) on _____ There is a material and adverse change in the borrower`s financial situation, which affects the borrower`s ability to meet its obligations under this Agreement, and then, at any time, the BANK may declare the loan facility due and payable immediately, after which, together with the interest accrued on it and any other amount payable under this Agreement, security documents are due and payable, and security documents are implemented. and any other security provided below or in connection with it.. . .