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Eurasian Economic Union Agreement

`international agreements within the Union` means international agreements on matters related to the functioning and development of the Union, signed between Member States; 4. convinced that the further development of Eurasian economic integration is in accordance with the national interests of the Contracting Parties, "the uniform nomenclature of external economic activities of the Eurasian Economic Union" (CN FEA EEU) - The nomenclature of products of external economic activity on the basis of the harmonized system of description and codification of the World Customs Organization and the uniform nomenclature of products of foreign trade s the Commonwealth of Independent States; `common economic space` means the area constituted by the territories of States where the (comparable) and equal regulatory mechanisms of the economy operate on the basis of market principles and the application of harmonised or uniform legislation and where there is a single infrastructure; 4. Take measures to put an end to reported offences and report on such offences (in addition - authorized body of the member of the State). The decisions of the Eurasian Higher Economic Council and the Eurasian Intermediate Council shall be subject to enforcement by the members of the State in accordance with the procedure laid down in their national legal systems. At the initiative of one of the members of the State, specific issues concerning the financial and economic activity of the institutions of the Union may be implemented. 6. Member States shall endeavour to harmonise the areas of natural monopolies referred to in Annexes 1 and 2 to Annex 20 to this Agreement, by shortening them and possibly fixing the transitional period provided for in Sections XX and XX of this Agreement. 4. The Member States of the legislation shall ensure effective control of the economic concentration of this measure to what is necessary for the protection and development of competition in the territories of each Member State. prevent misleading and unfair practices or the effects of non-compliance with civil agreements; Striving to further strengthen economic cooperation, mutually beneficial and on an equal footing with other countries, as well as with international integration organizations and international organizations, (1) progressively implement the harmonization and approximation of approaches to the formation and implementation of monetarist policies at this level, in accordance with the macroeconomic needs of integration cooperation; The trade union shall be responsible for the performance of the obligations under the international treaties which it has signed and shall exercise the rights under those agreements. . . .