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Cloud Service Provider Agreement Microsoft

There is mandatory 24/7 support for you from your CSP partner. CSP is therefore more than "only" a licensing solution. The new tech data additional terms for Microsoft Cloud Products have been uploaded to StreamOne and replace the old Microsoft Cloud Product Amendment.The main terms of the agreement have remained unchanged, among the main differences: the enterprise agreement has long been the gold standard for the purchase of Microsoft software and cloud services. This licensed vehicle has made changes, including the minimum number of users required. This figure is 500, will soon be 750 and will probably continue to increase. The enterprise agreement also has considerable drawbacks, especially when it comes to cloud services. The value of the cloud is the flexibility it offers by allowing businesses to scale up and down in near real-time. Microsoft`s customer agreements are region-specific and are available in multiple languages. Find the customer`s preferred location and language in one of the following lists to download the right deal. Here you can find resources to help customers with other licensing options and prepare them for the move to licensing for the cloud. Help customers license software and cloud services without commitment across the enterprise....