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Cd Baby Pro Publishing Agreement

Once you`re connected to Cd Baby Pro, the publisher`s share of all your publisher`s performance costs is first sent by your Performance Rights Organization to CD Baby. We will then combine this with all other royalties (p. B. mechanical, international) and distribute them in a payment to you. (a) The initial duration of this publication begins with registration for publishing services (either by a special listing for Publishing Services or by a package including Publishing Services) and continues for a period of one year (the "initial period"), unless CD Baby has previously terminated as noted below. Subsequently, the duration will be automatically increased every quarter (i.e. for an additional three months) (an "extended period") unless you cancel before the previous period an email containing the subject CDB PRO CANCELLATION to with an invitation to cancel with your email address and your cdB ID (a "retraction message"). Together, the initial duration and all the conditions of extension form the term. Regardless of when you send your notice of termination, the termination does not take effect until the end of the period in which the termination is sent.

There are no additional registration fees to pay for an extension period. TCP: TCP launched a partnership with INDmusic in November 2013 to collect advertising revenue from YouTube videos. If you connect with Tuncore-Distribution and TCP, you can recover 100% of the revenue you are owed. If you only sign up for TCP, you can save the publishing revenue due. TCP takes its standard commission of 10% for publishing revenue and 20% for sound recording revenue (if you used Tunecore`s distribution). (c) The author has and remains the right, power and power to conclude and fully execute the agreement and to grant the rights granted to it. It is not necessary, without limitation of the above, to obtain the agreement or any other consent of third parties, nor to obtain the granting of rights to CD Baby under this Agreement or the enjoyment of those rights and the revenues of Baby CDs envisaged in this contract. b) password. As a registered user of the services, you have login information, including username and password.