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Art Director Agreement

One of the most difficult problems faced by art directors is translating underdeveloped moods, messages, concepts and ideas into images. During brainstorming, art directors, employees and clients imagine what the room or scene might look like. Sometimes an art director is ultimately responsible for consolidating the vision of the collective imagination while resolving the agenda and contradictory inconsistencies between individual contributions. In the case of films with smaller art sections, such as small independent films and short films, the terms "production designer" and "artistic director" are often synonymous, and the person taking on the role can be recognized as both. Art Director is the title of a variety of similar tasks in theater, advertising, marketing, publishing, fashion, film and television, the Internet and video games. [1] Production designers create and develop the overall picture, atmosphere and emotions that move the story. Production designers are involved in overall production design and or a selection of visual effects, lighting, accessories and set dressing. They communicate regularly with producers, directors and cameramen and collaborate systematically with the second unit, stunts, special effects and many other departments. As heads of the arts department, they provide all the necessary contexts and ensure that all sets are well photographed and contribute to the total of the film, the television show, the award show or the advertising. Entertainment companies are created to make a profit. However, in pursuit of this objective, the interests and well-being of skilled artists and craftsmen who serve the entertainment industry are often threatened or, in many cases, totally neglected. Therefore, the goal of the Art Directors Guild Local 800 is to improve the quality of life of its members through "collective bargaining." Simply put, if we are united, we are able to negotiate wages, working conditions and benefits that are fair and equitable.

Health and welfare, pensions and minimum wage schedules and working conditions are negotiated by the union in most of our collective agreements, and employers make contributions on behalf of insured workers in accordance with these agreements. Except in smaller organizations, the Art Director/Copywriter team is supervised by a creative director, senior Media Creative or Chief Creative Director. In a large organization, an art director can stand at other art directors and a team of young designers, designers by training and/or production and coordinate with a separate production department. In a smaller organization, the artistic director can take on all of these roles, including overseeing printing and other productions. Despite the title, a director of advertising art is not necessarily head of an art department. In modern advertising practice, an artistic director usually works with an editor and is usually called a creative team. In advertising, an artistic director ensures that the message of his clients is conveyed to the desired audience.