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Aanzfta Agreement Pdf

Chapter 2: Trade in Goods - Original Text [PDF, 18 KB] Chapter 5: Health and Plant Health Measures [PDF, 16 KB] . First Protocol - Appendix 3 List of Data Requirements [PDF, 165 KB] First Protocol - Appendix 4 Appendix 2 Product-Specific Rules The full text of the AANZFTA is available for reading and downloading. Chapter 9: Movement of The Physical Persons [PDF, 15 KB] Full text of the first protocol amending the AANZFTA [PDF, 285 KB] In 2014, Member States agreed on a protocol amending the AANZFTA agreement. This protocol has addressed the implementation of certificates of origin and rules of origin and provides for further streamlining of the certification of goods trade in AANZFTA countries. The first protocol is in effect for all AANZFTA countries, with the exception of Indonesia. . Chapter 15: General Provisions and Exceptions [PDF, 23 KB] The following documents contain additional information on the first minutes. . Chapter 17: Consultations and Dispute Settlement [PDF, 56 KB] First Protocol - Appendix 1, Chapter 2 Trade in Goods [PDF, 234 KB] Chapter 1: Establishment of the Free Trade Area, Goals and General Definitions [PDF, 12 KB] Chapter 6: Standards, Technical Rules and Compliance Assessment Procedures [PDF, 22 KB].