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Getting Into Agreement With God

After He makes Adam and Eve, God tells them that they will be blessed, as long as they keep His instruction not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What about your spiritual journey with God? Do you agree with God in your way of life? Are there things you do or say he doesn`t like? Agree with God! We cannot expect God`s blessing for our lives as He wants to bless us if we live in rebellion, not taking control of our mouths or actions! I know there are areas where we can fight and where we have weaknesses, but it is really time to give it to God and walk in accordance with Him, stop the excuses and claim victory in your life today. If you know that there is an area you have to deal with, don`t wait for the situation to appear to ask him for help, please before you get out of bed, and every time He reminds you all day, He knows the situations that are heading towards you, and He wants to equip you to handle these situations properly. There is this analogy of someone receiving 86,000 pence a day. But he has to spend everything a day, without transfer. 86,000 seconds is in a day or 1,433 minutes. What percentage do you use to have fellowship with God and serve Him daily? That`s 516,000 minutes a year. How much do you waste every day and then every year? First, each of us agrees with God Himself, and we have a desire to stay as close as possible to Him and set aside our own agendas. . .